Matthew Stoneman Arrested with 95 grams of Psychedelic Mushrooms

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Matthew Wayne Stoneman, 22, was arrested on Thursday night, after he was the passenger in a traffic stop, and claimed ownership of 2 bags of psychedelic mushrooms in the trunk, weighing a total of 95 grams.

According to an arrest report, Officer Allyson Reis made a traffic stop for an expired license plate, and during the stop identified the rear passenger as Matt Stoneman, who had two outstanding warrants for his arrest in relation to a February drug dealing arrest at his home. Stone also runs The Hemp Ranger, and is prominent in the Nashville CBD & Hemp scene, describing himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’.

A search of the vehicle was conducted due to the strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. There were multiple bags in the trunk, which Matt Stoneman claimed as his. Inside the bags, MNPD found approximately 95 grams of mushrooms and drug paraphernalia.

For comparison, this is 1 gram of mushrooms. Stoneman had approximately 95 grams.

Under Miranda, Matt Stoneman stated that he uses the mushrooms to get high and they are psychedelic. In the same bag as the mushrooms, a digital scale was located, and the mushrooms were further separated into two separate bags.

Located in the same larger bag was a bong with drug residue, and 8 grams of marijuana was found in Stoneman’s pants pocket, along with blunt wrappers.

Matthew Wayne Stoneman was charged with:

  • Possession w/Intent (B Felony – $15,000 Bond)
  • Possession (A Misdemeanor – $2,500 Bond)
  • Paraphernalia (A Misdemeanor – $1,000 Bond)

Stoneman also had 2 outstanding warrants, 1 felony possession w/intent, and 1 paraphernalia. Those warrants stemmed from a February 5th knock and talk at his Hermitage home in relation to a drug tip which resulted in the seizure of 22 grams of marijuana and $6,697 in cash, and 7 vacuumed sealed baggies with marijuana residue that belonged to Stoneman. 3 other roommates/co-defendants in that case had their charges dismissed.

Stoneman posted a $31,000 bond via Rader Bonding, and was released 7 hours later. He will appear in court on 05/25/15.


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