Oversleeping in hotel leads to 1 Pound of Meth & 14 grams of Heroin Seizure

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Christopher Cabot Holley, 37, probably wishes he hadn’t overslept Monday morning. He staying at a Nashville Hotel by cleaning staff, as they were attempting to clean the room, as it was past check-out time.

When the hotel staff entered the room, they initially thought the subject was unconscious as he was not responsive. After they contacted 911, units arrived and finally were able to wake him up. He spoke with officers, and told them his name was “Michael White”, however it would soon be determined that he was Christopher Cabot Holley, with outstanding warrants from Williamson County.

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Inside the hotel room, officers located 490 grams (1 pound) of crystal meth, along with 14 grams of heroin. Holley admitted the he sells the drugs, and they do belong to him. He also gave consent to search his car, and a shotgun was recovered, reported stolen out of New Mexico. He stated the he didn’t know the shotgun was stolen, and he thought it was in a different vehicle.

Holley is waking up this morning (probably not oversleeping) in the Davidson County Jail, with a $105,000 bond, and a hold for Williamson County once he’s done here. The estimated value of the meth, if sold in bulk, is between $10K-$15K.

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