Nashville Man Strangled ex-Girlfriend for not Making Him a Sandwich – Held on 20K Bond

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All he wanted was a sandwich. Ironically, he will likely get exactly what he wanted today, except it’ll probably be bologna, and it’ll be from the jail kitchen. Kenneth William Ragsdale, 47, is waking up behind bars this morning in Nashville with a $20,000 bond, after being charged with felony aggravated assault / strangulation against his ex-girlfriend, after she wouldn’t make him a sandwich.

According to a police report, the victim is the ex-girlfriend of Ragsdale. In the overnight hours of Sunday night / Monday morning, the two were lying down in the bedroom of the Westfield Drive home, when they got into a verbal argument because she would not help me make a sandwich, and he accused her of eating all the food in the house. This argument continued for several minutes before she knocked the ashtray off the bedside table, which further agitated Ragsdale. 

He reportedly then got out of the bed, went to her side of the bed and put his hand around her neck, choking the victim. She stated he continued to put pressure on her neck and hold her down on the bed for approximately 2 minutes, during which time she says she lost consciousness for a few seconds.

She was eventually able to push Ragsdale off her and banged on the bedroom walls, yelling for help until she was able to exit the apartment, and bang on neighbors doors to ask for help, and contact police.

Officers arrived and separated the parties. The suspect, Kenneth Ragsdale admits to the argument over the sandwich & food, and says he only ‘pushed’ the victim when when she refused to clean up the ashtray. He also states that the victim bit and scratched him before he let her pack up her things and leave the apartment.

Officers determined Ragsdale to be the primary aggresssor for the pushing & choking, and he was taken into custody and charged with felony aggravated assault – strangulation (a Class C Felony), and booked into jail just before 6 AM on Monday morning, with a $20,000 bond. The victim was transported to the hospital to be medically cleared.

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