Latasha Jiles critically stabs man in chest while driving on interstate – 7 hour surgery endured

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On Sunday, May 20th, Norman Smith was riding with Latasha “FYI” Nicole Jiles on I-65S / I-440W, when they got into a verbal altercation. Eventually the argument escalated, and Latasha “FYI” Jiles pulled a knife on Norman and began to stab him while she drove down the interstate. One of the stab wounds went through Norman’s chest, per a police report, causing a very serious injury.

Jiles then stopped teh vehicle and told Norman to get out, and he exited the vehicle, and managed to climb down an enbankment near Gale Lane, screaming out for anyone to help him. Once police and medics arrived, he was transported to the hospital in critical condition, and was in surgery for 7 hours to repair the stab wound in his chest, and still remained in critical condition at the time the arrest warrant was issued.

Eventually, based on the victim’s description of the drive and the vehicle, and that he knew she went by the nickname of “Fye/Fyi”, it was determined that Latasha Jiles was the likely suspect, which was confirmed by a photo lineup.

Jiles was taken into custody in the early hours of Sunday morning, 05/27/18, where she was charged with felony aggravated assault, and felony theft of a vehicle., as it turned out the 2017 Jeep Renegade she was driving was stolen from East Trinity Lane / Gallatin Pk. She was not forthcoming in how she came into possession of the stolen vehicle.

This morning, Latasha ‘Fyi’ Jiles remains in jail on an $80,000 bond.

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