DUI Arrest: She sang the song of her people: “I’m drunk, f— you.. f— the police, kill the blue”

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It took 5 officers to carry her into booking, and that was after she broke out of her hobble restraints once, and serenaded officers with phrases such as “show me my rights you fucking dick”, & “I may be drunk but I’ll win this you fucking nigger murderer”.

Just before midnight on Saturday night, MNPD received a call to Popeye’s on Gallatin Pk in East Nashville. As it would turn out, Maryanne Dyer was in her black Chrysler 200 in their drive-thru line with a flat tire. When officers arrived, Dyer was found driving the vehicle, attempting to exit the parking lot. According to their report, she was slow to stop and was fumbling excessively in an attempt to turn off her car and find the requested documentation for the stop.

Officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the car and Dyer’s breath, and noted her slurred speech. She stepped out of the vehicle, and braced her body against her car and had a difficult time standing without stumbling and swaying.

She failed all SFSTs in the parking lot at the back of Popeye’s, and was arrested for DUI 1st offense. She invoked and refused to answer any questions, and refused to provide a breath sample when requested under the implied consent law.

Officers placed her in the patrol car, at which time she began to kick the windows from the inside, so she was restrained with a hobble strap. While en route to booking, she sang the song of her people to the officer, yelling the phrases below that the officer was able to document:

“I’m drunk, fuck you”

“fuck the police, kill the blue”

“show me my rights you fucking dick”

“I hope you get fucked in jail when I sue you”

“I may be drunk but I’ll win this you fucking nigger murderer”

At some point during the car ride to booking, she was able to break free from the hobble strap, and the officer called for an additional unit t, a Sgt, to come help calm her and re-establish the restraints. Once at booking, she made it to the ground as she got out of the patrol car, and refused to get up or walk, and had to be carried into booking by 5 metro officers.

Maryanne Dyer was charged with DUI 1st, & Implied Consent violation, and posted a $1,500 bond via Grumpy’s.

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