Woman arrested for placing $200 ‘hit’ on her two sisters, offering cash for harm: Crystal ‘Chelle’ Summers

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Crystal ‘Chelle’ Summers was arrested and charged with two counts of harassment on Friday, after she posted a ‘hit’ on her sisters on Facebook, offering anyone $200 cash to harm them, giving locations and other details.

From the details we were able to gather, on Wednesday night Summers was in a physical altercation with one of her sisters, Candice Winston. At some point, their other sister, Tori Winston, stepped in and broke up the fight between them, but not before Crystal Summers took Candice’s wig from her.

Summers was not happy with argument being over, and later that night sent 6 various text messages to Tori indicating she was going to attack or harm her. At 11:56 that night, Candice received multiple text messages, the first was a photo of something burning, and the second that stated “Ur wig NASTY BITCH AND U GOT A WARRANT ALL U MFS DO EVEN MR NEAL 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”

They also found that Crystal has posted a ‘hit’ on them on Facebook, a few minutes before. The original post contained a photo of the other two sisters, one of their 6 year old children, and the child’s father. We are not publishing the photo for their privacy:

Crystal Summers was charge with 1 count harassment, 1 count harassment (distress), and released on the pre-trial-release program. She will appear in court on 06/11/2018.

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