Former The Dog Spot Employee: “dogs were physically hit and kicked”

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In a recent lawsuit filed by Andy & Chad Baker (owners of The Dog Spot & Spot’s Pet Supply & Dog Wash Donelson), the brothers sued 2 individuals for posting on social media, alleging libel, false light, and fraud, among other claims, for their posting on social media in reference to The Dog Spot. The case was dismissed with prejudice (CASE: 18C362). Though the judge dismissed the case on March 29th, this affidavit was prepared to be submitted to the court, it is from a former employee of the Mt. Juliet location of The Dog Spot, and what that employee swore to, under oath, may shock you.

The employee, who worked at The Dog Spot for five months before quitting due to what was described as “neglectful and distasteful practices”, describes several incidents, as below:

  • A Greyhound was kept in a cage so small, his spine touched the top and he could not stand up straight
  • Injuries were intentionally hidden from owners and/or lied about
  • This employee received a reprimand for notifying a dog’s owner that the dog was peeing blood
  • Dog were frequently kenneled longer than planned for staff convenience
  • Dogs that did not eat were allowed to go days without food
  • Dog were allowed back even after multiple safety incidents
  • Dogs were physically hit and kicked to correct misbehavior

Below is the affidavit submitted to the court:

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CORRECTION 07/16/18 6:20 PM: The story has been updated to reflect that the case was dismissed before the above affidavit was filed with the court. 

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