Antioch Mother Arrested for Child Neglect After 3-year-old Found on Murfreesboro Rd

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Brante Allen, 23, was arrested on Sunday morning at 1 AM, after police say her 3-year-old child was found on the side of Murfreesboro Road in Antioch.

According to officers, when the child left the apartment she had to go down three floors of stairs, walk across a construction zone, and cross a busy road, to get to the wooded area where she was found leaving to walk onto the side of Murfreesboro Road. A citizen called police because he almost hit the child as she was coming out of the woodline onto the roadway beside the Walgreen’s store.

Officers arrived on scene and took custody of the child, and went to a nearby apartment complex, where residents recognized the child and were able to give the name of the child’s mother and her apartment number. When the child’s mother, Brante Allen, was located, she said:

“Oh, so she got out again”

The mother then made reference to disciplining the child. Brante Allen was arrested and changed with Child Neglect (Under 6), and is currently held on a $10,000 bond.  DCS confirmed there was already an open case being worked with their department regarding the mother, and they worked to get the child placed with a friend of the family. This is Allen’s first charge in Nashville.

Brante Allen (MNPD)
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