DUI driver wrecked car, moved to passenger seat, attempted to continue driving, police say

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Metro Police arrested 30-year-old Emilia Kilmarx Thurman shortly before midnight on Wednesday. She is charged with DUI 2nd Offense after she crashed her vehicle near the intersection of Fesslers Lane & Elm Hill Pike.

A witness followed Thurman from Ellington Parkway, after he observed her hitting a retaining wall more than once, and attempted to run multiple vehicles off the road, during which time she lost her left front tire, leaving only the brake exposed. Her now disabled vehicle came to a stop in the intersection of Fesslers & Elm Hill.

Emilia Thurman (MNPD)

Once Metro officers arrived on scene, they noted extensive side-swipe damage to the driver’s side, and that all airbags were deployed. The driver of the vehicle, Emilia Thurman, was found in the passenger seat of the disabled vehicle, were police say she was attempting to continue to drive the vehicle as they approached it.  She needed assistance exiting the vehicle, and officers report she could barely stand on her own.

Emilia Thurman blew a .148 on the breath test, and was placed into custody for DUI 2nd Offense, as she had a prior DUI conviction in 2011. Thurman was freed on the pre-trial release program after being booked.

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