THP Officer accused of ordering strip & cavity searches on multiple women at Nissan Stadium

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Multiple female employees of Legends Hospitality, who provide services for Nissan Stadium during Titans games, have now come forward and filed lawsuits, alleging that law enforcement officers held them captive while they were stripped, and sometimes sexually assaulted, after Titans games near the ‘money room’, located with the bowels of the stadium.

One of the victims filed a lawsuit in Nashville’s circuit court under a pseudonym to protect her privacy, another filed just three weeks ago in federal U.S. District Court alleging civil rights violations, and Scoop: Nashville has been in contact with one other victim that has yet to file suit, but whose account is near identical to all other victims. To date, all victims have been African-American women, and each has named or described a white THP Lieutenant working a secondary assignment as the man who directed the sexual assault on her. The most recent lawsuit also indicates there are more victims that have yet to come forward.

According to the reports currently known, the assaults began as early as the Titans vs Colts game in October of 2017, and continued as recently as the Titans vs Rams game in December of 2017.  All of the victims report the same methods used on them. After their shifts, they would take the money collected during the game to the ‘money room’ within the bowels of the stadium, where they would sort, count, and turn in the money, as well as complete paperwork for the shift.

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“The Apex security guard then forced her fingers into the victim’s rectum and vagina without her consent”

All the victims report at some point they were confronted by a white male law enforcement officer. He was described as “an older bald male with a salt and pepper beard”, “wearing a brown law enforcement uniform”. One report referred to him with the similar descriptions as above, and also by his last name, “Pollock”, and that he was a THP Trooper. All of the reported incidents began the same way – with an order by the officer to come with him, and each victim says he made it clear they were not free to leave. One victim says she was threatened with jail when she questioned where she was being taken.

Per all reports and lawsuits, the male officer would then take the female to a private room or area, and order them to strip, in concert with a female officer or security guard, who was also employed by APEX Security, who hired the off-duty guard and officers to work at the stadium during games. Sometimes the male officer remained in the room while the female stripped, other times she was taken to a private bathroom by a female security employee, when a more thorough search was ordered.

“He ordered her to take her jacket, hoodie, shoes and socks off. Feeling she had no choice, she complied.. At this point [she] was dressed in only her bra and underwear. [She] feared that she was going to be raped.
-Case 3:18-cv-01393 U.S. District Court.

During one of the searches that the male officer ordered a female employee to conduct, the female officer inserted her fingers into the anus and vagina of the female victim, without consent, cause, or warrant. When the female security employee was asked what she was searching for, she responded “I don’t know exactly, I’m just doing what (the white male officer) ordered me to do”.

Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security confirmed they have 3 employees of the Highway Patrol that worked for APEX security as a secondary assignment during the same time period in 2017: Troopers Angie Crawford, Ollie Parker and Lieutenant Marty Pollock, who was named directly by at least one of the victims. The female Jane Doe(s) have not been identified.

Lt. Marty Pollock (THP)

A spokesperson for the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security told Scoop: Nashville “We do not comment on whether an investigation is active or non-active” when asked if they were currently looking into the actions of Trooper Pollock. They did confirm he is currently an active state trooper, and we can confirm he has been on routine duty as recently as last week, as his named appeared in an arrest affidavit we covered.

Pollock is currently named as a ‘John Doe’ in both filed lawsuits, despite being named further within the suit details by the victim. Neither he nor the THP has been formally served with process on the lawsuit, though as a part of background on the story, THP was provided with a copy of both suits.

Some relevant pages of the lawsuits are below:


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