Woman attacked & robbed in North Nashville office parking lot after work

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A witness was leaving her work building on the 500 block of Great Circle Road Tuesday afternoon, walking to her car in the parking lot, when she heard what sounded like a car alarm. As she looked for the source of the noise, she heard a woman calling her name in distress, and honking her horn. As she approached the woman’s vehicle, she says she observed a man straddling the woman inside the car before he exited the vehicle and fled on foot toward Mainstream Drive.

The man, identified as 26-year-old Marcus D. Collier, was described as a black male, wearing khaki pants and a puffy jacket, and was given to police, who relayed it to all officers in the area. An officer apprehended Collier nearby, and he was taken to the parking lot of the business on Great Circle Road, where the victim positively identified him just minutes later,  at 3:13 p.m. Tuesday afternoon.

Marcus Collier (MNPD)

The victim says she was coming out of her office building at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday when she noticed a man walking through the parking lot, nearby to the direction she was also going. As she approached her vehicle, she reports the man was behind her, and opened her car door, pushed her inside, and began attacking her by punching her in the face and head. She says Collier pushed her further into the car, straddled her, pulled at her shirt, and asked if she was going to “give him some”. She reports he then began going through her purse that was on the passenger side floorboard. She attempted to use her personal stun gun on the man, however he disarmed her, and then used the stun gun on her.

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When Collier fled the scene, he took the stun gun with him. When he was located minutes later, he had tossed the stun gun, and it was not located. Collier had blood on his hands when he was taken into custody, and the victim had several scratches on her face, hands, and wrist, as well as a knot on her head.

Collier refused to make any statements, and at this time is charged with robbery, for taking the stun gun. He is held in lieu of a $15,000 bond. He has a bond review hearing Thursday morning.

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