Local rapper ’25K Italy’ “just got booked” into a Nashville jail for his antics

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Local Nashville rapper ‘25K Italy‘ who uses the tagline ‘#ijustgotbook‘ when he takes over Nashville restaurants and grocery stores, was booked into a Nashville jail on multiple outstanding warrants Thursday morning after he passed on officer going over 75 mph, and was stopped on Briley Parkway.

The rapper, whose real name Demonte Love, but often goes by ‘Monte Savage‘ on social media, is known around Nashville for showing up at places such as McDonald’s or Kroger’s, with a friend rolling a suitcase speaker behind him, jumping up on counters and cash registers, or grocery lanes, and singing his latest single. He often gets great positive from customers in the stores, who often join in and dance about. We even featured one such video last year at an East Nashville Kroger, however some managers aren’t always happy with his ‘takeover’ of their business.

Demonte Love (MNPD)

Two of those businesses filed complaints with Metro Police, which caused warrants to be issued for his arrest. Marche Artisan Foods (1000 Main St), and McDonald’s (3300 Dickerson Pk) were two of the restaurants that weren’t pleased with the promotional antics of Demonte Love. Both warrants stem from promotional performances Love did in their stores last August.

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One of complaints alleges that Love assaulted a store employee, however we obtained exclusive video of the incident, which appears to show that Love was actually physically attacked by the female employee who is the aggressor, and first attempts to grab his speaker, then makes contact with him, pulling and pushing on him, both starting, and escalating the physical altercation with Love – video below:

The arrest warrant for the August 31st incident above, at Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville, alleges that Love pushed an employee and punched her head, causing reddening and swelling to her eye, but that doesn’t tell the entire story, as the video above shows.

The August 15th complaint states that Love walked into the McDonald’s restaurant, jumped over the front county and began to dance around the kitchen area and on the front count as he sang along to music being played over a loud-speaker system in the lobby. McDonald’s claims Love’s actions interfered with employee’s job duties, and caused health and safety issues by being in the kitchen and standing on the counter. They state Love refused to leave, and say he approached a manager from behind and ‘grabbed her shoulders to interfere with her’ in the police report. There is video of the incident below.

Love is charged driving with a license for today’s arrest. For the McDonald’s incident he is charged with assault, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. For the Marche Artisan Foods incident he is also charged with assault, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. Love is free on pre-trial release. The MNPD version of each incident is below, on the arrest warrants:

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