Man charged with DUI exactly 1 year after first, a block away from same location

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26-year-old Jermel Haughton was arrested last weekend, charged with a DUI, exactly one year from his first DUI arrest, a block away from the same location.

On April 20th, Nashville Fire and Metro Police responded to the traffic light at 14th and Church, where there were reports of a man in a vehicle that was not moving, and had been sitting there for several minutes. NFD was the first on scene, and were with the man, identified as Jermel Haughton, when police arrived. Haughton told police he had been drinking, bur refused a breath test, and was did not perform field sobriety tests to the expectation. Haughton was taken into custody, charged with driving under the influence, and violation of the implied consent law.

Jermel Haughton (MNPD)

Exactly one-year prior, less than a block away, Metro police observed Haughton near the White Castle downtown, without his headlights on at 3:21 a.m. In this instance, Haughton slurred his words, had blood-shot water eyes, and had a passed out person in the backseat of his vehicle. He told officer he was driving because they were coming from ‘WKND’, and everyone else had also been drinking, but he only had ‘a couple of shots’. During this first DUI arrest he blew a 0.113 BAC, and it was eventually reduced to a reckless driving charge as the result of a plea that gave him six months probation and a $250 fine, which remains unpaid.

Haughton is free on pre-trial release, and is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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