He agreed to buy a PlayStation via ‘OfferUp’, but surprised the sellers with an AR-style rifle as he robbed them

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Clarence Turner, 23, remains jailed in lieu of a $102,000 bond this morning, charged with robbing two individuals who he connected with via the ‘OfferUp’ app to buy a PlayStation and accessories. When they arrived he retreated to his bedroom, and returned with a long gun and some choice words as he robbed them.

The victims, who were a man selling his PlayStation 4 Pro, 3 games, 1 controller, and a 32-inch TV, and his friend who accompanied him for the transaction, had agreed to sell the items they had posted on ‘OfferUp’, to a man who responded to the listing in South Nashville on Paragon Mills Road in the Sona Apartments complex.

Clarence Turner Jr (MNPD)

The pair arrived, with electronics in hand, and met up with the suspect, 23-year-old Clarence Turner, outside the ‘A’ building, and followed him into apartment A-20. The three made small-talk, and agreed to purchase the bundle for $300. Turner then went into his bedroom, at which point one of the victims heard the distinct sound of a rifle being racked and looked up to see what they described as a ‘black AR style rifle’ pointed at them. Turner said “you know what this is, now hand over your ID’s”, and they complied, at gun point. Turner then told them to “get the fuck out!”, and the pair fled the area to a local gas station, where they contacted police. \

Police responded an executed a search warrant for the location. During the search, turner gave himself up to police, as he already had an outstanding warrant for failing to be booked on a state citation for driving on a suspended license. Police retrieved the electronics, and the victim’s ID’s. Turner admitted to the robbery, and was charged with the outstanding warrant and two counts of aggravated robbery. He remains jailed in lieu of a $102,000 bond.

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