Rapper Fredo Ruthless charged in murder of Jaezoine Woods

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Nashville based rapper ‘Fredo Ruthless’, legally Freddie Calbert, is the 2nd person to be charged with the murder of 15-year-old Jaezoine Woods in Nashville during a drive-by shooting.

Freddie Calbert (known as ‘Fredo Ruthless’) is the second and final person to be charged in the murder of Jaezoine Woods in J.C. Napier public housing. He was booked Tuesday in Nashville’s Juvenile Court for the 2017 murder.  Calbert is charged in Juvenile Court because he was 17 when Woods was killed.  Calbert will remain in federal custody as the result of his arrest by MNPD officers in February where he was found to be in a stolen 2019 Toyota Camry with a loaded pistol, one pound of marijuana, three grams of cocaine and $2,165 cash.  A hearing to transfer the murder case from Juvenile to Criminal (adult) court is expected to take place later in the year.

Freddie Calbert 'Fredo Ruthless' (MNPD)
Freddie Calbert ‘Fredo Ruthless’ (MNPD)

Calbert’s suspected accomplice, Tevin Griffin, 22, was arrested for Woods murder on June 12 of this year.  He remains in the Metro Jail.  Woods was shot outside of a Lewis Street residence while running from a drive-by shooter along with several other neighborhood residents.  The investigation determined that he was not the intended target of the gunfire.

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