John Dibelka charged in brutal strangulation of girlfriend

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Accused of cheating, police say John Dibelka,33, brutally beat his girlfriend, strangling her until she lost consciousness and soiled herself, at which point he laughed at her and strangled her harder. She eventually hit him with a bottle of liquor to secure her escape. He is free on a $50,000 bond.

Metro Police responded to a domestic assault at 12:58 a.m. Thursday morning. They described the scene as an upended apartment in a state of chaos. The floor was covered with broken property, and the coffee table smashed. A broken liquor bottle was in the living room near the hall, and two adults were eventually present, both injured and bleeding, with an assortment of bruises, cuts, scrapes, and injuries. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

The argument reportedly started when the girlfriend of 33-year-old John Dibelka accused him of cheating on her, which he says angered him, and a fight began. Dibelka admitted to officers he had been drinking, and did not remember specifics of the altercation, but also stated “I’m screwed, aren’t I? I hit her, I’m screwed!”

John Dibelka (MNPD)
John Dibelka (MNPD)

Based on statements, injuries, and the disarray of the apartment, it was determined that he began pushing and shoving his girlfriend, the victim, and was pushing her into a physical corner, so she pushed him out of her way to get away from him, at which point he reportedly grabbed her around the neck with his hands, pushed her against a door, and wrapped his fingers around her neck. She was able to initially escape his group, and Dibelka then picked up a living room table and struck her across the shoulder with it before tossing it to the floor. He broke everything in the living room, including antique figurines, and when she noticed this, she attempted to stop him, but was taken to the ground and strangled again.

The victim reports that Dibelka sat on her chest, punching her with his fists, and as he became more ‘enraged’ he strangled her once again with both hands until she lost consciousness several times and defecated on herself. When Dibelka realized this, he reportedly laughed at the victim, and strangled her again, continuing to squeeze on her neck.

The victim states she thought she was going to die, and was able to grab a bottle of liquor and break it over his head, at which time he released his grip, and she was able to escape. Dibelka fled the scene but returned shortly after Metro Police arrived on the scene. He was charged with domestic aggravated assault/strangulation and is free on a $50,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court late this month.

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