Food worker charged with stealing Playstation game systems from Vanderbilt Athletics Player’s Lounge

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19-year-old Navondre Jamal Henderson [fb] is free on a $2500 bond after police charged him with stealing two Playstation 4’s from the Vanderbilt Player’s Lounge – and pawning one of them under his own name. – Shop Local! Shipped to you!

Vanderbilt University’s Athletic Department reported two Sony Playstation gaming systems and controllers were stolen in September. They went missing from the Player’s Lounge at 2520 Jess Neely Drive. One of the devices was found to be pawned at Cash America on Nolensville by Navondre Henderson, using his own photo ID.

Navondre Henderson (MNPD)
Navondre Henderson (MNPD)

Henderson worked as a contracted food vendor employee for athletic events at the university and had done so since August of 2019. He was terminated in October of 2019 after being charged with burglary, during a separate incident. He was arrested on this warrant on December 5th, 2019. He is charged with theft and is free on a 2500 bond.

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