Mother and daughter attack mother’s boyfriend; victim stabbed multiple times

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53-year-old Joyce Bean was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after an argument ensued between her and her boyfriend during which she told him “get out of my house and I want my teeth back.” She then began attacking him and ended up stabbing him multiple times but not before her daughter was able to jump in and get some licks in of her own.

Police reported that Joyce Bean and Wendell Harris have been dating for 6 years. On February 24th, police responded to a domestic call in reference to the couple. When police arrived they made contact with Wendell, Joyce, and her daughter on at the intersection of Hermosa Street and Dr. DB Todd Jr Boulevard. Wendell’s right hand and bottom teeth were bleeding. Joyce and her daughter were screaming, “taking him to jail, you have a 12-hour hold bitch!” Joyce stated that she woke up and found Wendell’s phone filled with messages from another woman while Wendell was sleeping. Joyce got up and began arguing with him stating “get out of my house and I want my teeth back.”

Joyce Bean (MNPD)
Joyce Bean (MNPD)

Wendell got up, grabbed his teeth and clothes, and attempted to leave but Joyce began yelling and grabbing him in an attempt to thwart his exit. Joyce’s daughter began fighting Wendell as well when she saw her mother involved in an altercation with him. Wendell told police that during that time a knife was presented and he was stabbed in his right-hand multiple times, but did not fight back and only attempted to leave. Joyce was determined to be the primary aggressor given her statements, along with the fact that she initiated the physical altercation, and refused to allow Wendell to leave the residence with his belongings. Her daughter fled the scene before police were able to interview her.

Joyce Bean was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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