Music Artist Josh Newcom charged with 4 a.m. DUI on way back to tour bus

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45-year-old musician Joshua Newcom is charged with DUI after he rolled his vehicle when he ran into the barrier at the entrance ramp of Briley Parkway North from Elm Hill Pike. He told police he was trying to get back to his tour bus, parked near the Opryland Hotel, after having “five beers, like a Budweiser”.

At around a quarter after 4:00 a.m., officers encountered Joshua Newcom at the Briley Parkway North entrance ramp after he was involved in a vehicular accident as the driver. Joshua was standing next to his vehicle which was still running at the time. Joshua went on to describe the events of the accident stating: once he entered the ramp from Elm Hill Pike he struck the barrier on the side of the road and ran up it, which caused his vehicle to roll onto its left side. Officers noted that Joshua seemed disoriented and said he was trying to get back to his hotel which he indicated was the nearby Hilton. The direction he pointed was through a ditch, down a hill, and on the other side of a traffic barrier and seemed to be the direction he had been driving based on the skid marks along the road. The path Joshua was attempting to drive was completely impassable by vehicle traffic.

Joshua Newcom (MNPD)
Joshua Newcom (MNPD)

Officers stated that Joshua smelled heavily of cologne and when asked if he had been drinking he said: “Yeah, a few.” Joshua agreed to a standard field sobriety test and performed poorly, exhibiting signs of impairment. When asked again where he was heading he changed his answer stating, “to the bus by Opry Land.” Officers then asked him exactly how much alcohol he had consumed and he replied, “five beers, like a Budweiser.”

Joshua was then placed into the back of a patrol vehicle, read Tennessee’s Implied Request Law, and requested a blood test. He was then Mirandized and taken to General Hospital for the blood test. Officers wrote that during transport, Newcom went through many mood swings and ended up falling asleep in the back of the patrol car. Officers noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, his speech was slightly slurred, and his behavior was consistent with that of someone under the influence. Joshua was then transported to booking and charged accordingly.

Joshua Newcom was arrested for DUI and he was freed on pre-trial release.

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