Boyfriend attacks woman three times, tells her “Every time I see you I am going to fight you”

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33-year-old Curtis Gordon was charged with two counts of domestic assault, theft of property, and aggravated assault by strangulation after he hit his girlfriend in the face in March when she tried to leave. In May, he attacked her twice and blackened her eye, bruised her arms and face, and strangled her.

On March 9th, when officers were on a separate call in the area of Edgehill Avenue/ 12th Avenue South when they were flagged down by a victim, Sade Jordan, of domestic assault. She told police that she and her boyfriend, Curtis Gordon, began arguing about her using her phone. Gordon requested her phone and she refused, when she did so he forcefully took the phone from her. He also took a pack of cigarettes, a twenty-dollar bill, and a small bottle of alcohol. Jordan attempted to leave but Gordon warned her by saying, “Put your hand on that door, see what happens.” As she continued to leave he struck her in her face causing cut on her lower lip and swelling in her face. Police went to make contact with the defendant but he had fled before they arrived.

Curtis Gordon (MNPD)
Curtis Gordon (MNPD)

On May 3rd, Officer Norris arrived at 2300 Patterson Street for a domestic dispute. He spoke to Sade Jordan who said that she was leaving her apartment at 1273 12th Avenue North when she was hit in the face by Curtis Gordon. Jordan said that the strike knocked her to the ground and he began kicking her causing her to have several bruises on her arms and face. Gordon said to her, via her report, “every time I see you, I am going to fight you.” Officer Norris reported that she had a black eye and a swollen face. She wanted to take out an order of protection against him that was never able to be served and she said that she wanted to prosecute. Counseling was offered but she refused to go to a shelter.

On May 21st, officers returned to the Edgehill Apartment Complex building 4 for the third time to investigate a call for service that turned into a domestic disturbance. Gordon was not present when the officers arrived but they spoke to Jordan who said that Gordon approached her unprovoked. She said that he placed his hands around her throat obstructing her airway but not losing consciousness while saying, “I am going to jail anyway, what more can they do?” His grip released and he ran away, she told police, and the officers noticed scratches on her neck. The officers found probable cause to obtain warrants for aggravated assault.

On June 24th, Curtis Gordon was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault, theft of property, and aggravated assault by strangulation. His bond was set at $21,000.

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