Son of Rutherford Co. Highway Commissioner fails to deliver on financial, relational promises

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36-year-old Russell Bratcher was charged with a violation of an order of protection after allegedly liked a picture of his ex-wife to be on a social media platform. Bratcher’s charge entailed two previous opened cases on his behalf, including an additional violation of an order of protection as well as the utilization of a worthless check totaling an amount greater than $1,000.

On January 29th, Kayla Bratcher filed an order of protection of Russell Bratcher, which he received two days later. The order of protection comes while the two are still legally married, but are in the process of getting a divorce. The order states that Bratcher cannot make any contact with his ex-wife. Nearly a month later, while Russell was dropping his children off, he handed his grandmother a bag for her to give to Kayla Bratcher. According to the affidavit, Russell’s grandmother proceeded to give the bag to Kayla’s grandmother, who then delivered it to Kayla. Inside the bag was a card for Kayla from “daddy.” He was charged on February 28th.

Bratcher’s violation of the order of protection continued later that month. On February 24th, Kayla Bratcher discovered that Russell had followed her social media account two weeks prior, liking a picture of her shortly thereafter. Per the order of protection, Bratcher’s liking and following of her account is a violation of the listed protections. The February 24th violation led to Bratcher being placed into custody on June 4th.

Russell Bratcher (MNPD)
Russell Bratcher (MNPD)

The first violation of protection on Bratcher’s part as well as a worthless check charge were additional open cases against Russell and were included in his most recent affidavit. On April 27, 2018, Pyles Concrete delivered two orders of concrete to 254 Ocala Dr in Nashville. Russell Bratcher received loads of concrete by signing invoices, per report. Bratcher also paid for the concrete business with two starter checks from Wilson Bank and Trust starter checks. The amount written on the two checks were both $1,234.69, leading to a total of $2,469.38.

Pyles Concrete was informed a week later that the checks had been returned due to insufficient funds in the bank account. The company proceeded to try and reach Bratcher multiple times via phone call as well as reportedly sent a letter to his residence regarding the returned checks. Bratcher eventually contacted Pyles Concrete in order to arrange a method of payment for the work performed yet was not paid for the delivery as of September of 2018, despite Bratcher’s account with Wilson Bank and Trust since being closed. He was charged for the utilization of a worthless check greater than $1,000 on January 31, 2020.

Russell Bratcher is the son of Keith Bratcher, a retired captain of Murfreesboro’s Fire and Rescue department, as well as a candidate for the Rutherford County Highway Commission.

On June 4, Russell Bratcher was arrested and charged with a violation of an order of protection. His bond was set at $1,000.

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