Chef Chris Polley charged after liking ex-boyfriend’s tinder profile

38-year-old Christopher Polley liked his ex-boyfriend’s profile on the Tinder dating app on January 11th. Phillipe Boehm alerted the authorities, advising them that Polley had violated his order of protection, which was served to him on December 28th. The order was given due to a previous incident involving Polley stealing multiple records and bottles of cologne from Boehm on December 25th. Boehm believed that Polley did this to talk to him. Officers confirmed that a temporary order of protection was active, and their court date was on January 29th. Polley was taken into custody for criminal contempt on January 30th.

Man arrested twice in 2 days; argues with roommate via social media, attacks with broom — Patrick Conquest

26-year-old Patrick Conquest was arrested twice within two days this month. On October 9th he began arguing with his roommate, from separate rooms within the same house, over social media, transitioning over several platforms during the argument, with both text and audio messages, including “we can scrap!” He escalated to using racial slurs against his roommate, Vincent Mendoza, then entered his bedroom and struck him with a broom, and knocked down the TV.

Conquest went to jail, and posted a $3500 bond, only to be arrested again 12-hours later when police responded to another disturbance at the home and found Conquest was violating both the conditions of his bond, and an order of protection, which was granted. He then posted $2500 more in bail and was released.

Ex kidnaps woman and tells her he’s going to kill himself and make her watch

33-year-old Vonzell Bryant was charged with kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal contempt for order of protection violation, and aggravated burglary after he followed his ex into her home and trapped her with a knife.

Man uses physical force to keep girlfriend from walking away

21-year-old Timothy Powell was charged with domestic assault with bodily injury and violation of protection order when he used physical force to keep his girlfriend from leaving the bedroom.

Man violates order of protection and steals MacBook from ex’s home

30-year-old Carlton Shelley was charged with theft of property and violation of his order of protection when he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house and stole her MacBook.

Nashville woman attempts to incinerate vehicle at Robin Hood Tires

33-year-old Gabrielle Bailey was charged with aggravated assault, violating an order of protection, and bond forfeiture after throwing gasoline onto a man’s vehicle while in the parking lot of a North Nashville tire shop in an attempt to burn him.

Man assaults girlfriend at Hadley Park; woman unable to fully recount incident

47-year-old Michael Short was charged with violation of an order of protection and domestic assault after attacking his girlfriend while at Hadley Park. Although the woman remembers being attacked by Short, she was unable to recount the incident from a week before.

Woman attacks boyfriend, puts him in hospital for wanting to go to Mt. Juliet

24-year-old Qkarika Cochran was charged with domestic assault after punching and kicking her boyfriend because he mentioned going to Mt. Juliet. The attack required him to seek medical attention and he was later transported to TriStar Southern Hills Medical Center.

Ex-girlfriend violates order of protection while working at Kroger

21-year-old Zakiya Cooper was charged with criminal contempt after violating an order of protection twice by being contracted to work at the same location as her ex-girlfriend’s place of employment. The two parties filed orders of protection against one another after a May incident involving threats and harassment.

Son of Rutherford Co. Highway Commissioner fails to deliver on financial, relational promises

36-year-old Russell Bratcher was charged with two counts of a violation of an order of protection and utilization of a worthless check over $1,000. Bratcher’s worthless checks stem from 2018, but the criminal contempt comes from a two separate incidents where Bratcher allegedly liked a picture of his ex-wife to be and gave her a bag including a written note from “daddy”, per report.