Ex-girlfriend violates order of protection while working at Kroger

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21-year-old Zakiya Cooper was charged with criminal contempt after violating an order of protection twice by being contracted to work at the same location as her ex-girlfriend’s place of employment. The two parties filed orders of protection against one another after a May incident involving threats and harassment.

On June 5th, officers and a lieutenant from the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office served an order of protection to Zakiya Cooper from ex-girlfriend Shontel Jenkins due to both parties filing paperwork against one another earlier in the year. Jenkins and Cooper both were employed with the grocery store located on 711 Gallatin Ave, the former working directly for Kroger while the latter was contracted as a guard through Allied Security. Law enforcement advised Cooper to inform the security company of the conflict and assign her to a separate location.

One week later, officers were dispatched to the aforementioned location again. According to the affidavit, Jenkins had informed dispatchers that Cooper had returned to the grocery store, despite the order of protection still being in place. Officer Bennett arrived on the scene to find Cooper guarding the font of the store. Since Cooper had been served the order of protection, received law enforcement advisement on how to proceed, and yet failed to comply, Cooper was placed into custody for a violation of an order of protection.

Nearly three weeks earlier, the couple was involved in an incident of harassment, as Jenkins reportedly threatened to shoot Cooper and her apartment. Cooper claimed that the threats made her feel “distressed, intimidated and frightened.”

Zakiya Cooper was arrested and charged with criminal contempt in the form of a violation of an order of protection. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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