Gabrielle Bailey assaults boyfriend who smacked a girl “on the booty”

36-year-old Gabrielle Bailey arrived at her boyfriend’s house drunk after being gone a couple of days, became mad at him for smacking another girl’s booty, and struck him in the face with an unknown object, resulting in a domestic assault charge. On June 26th, MNPD arrived at Nathaniel Reed’s residence and spoke to him. He said that Gabrielle had been in a relationship with him for three years, and she showed up at his house drunk after being gone for three days. He said, “I smacked another girl on the booty in front of her, attempting to make her mad,” which did, in fact, make her mad, per report. Gabrielle began arguing with the woman whose booty was smacked by Nathaniel and he told them to take it outside. Once they were outside, Nathaniel tripped in a large hole and while falling he said that Gabrielle struck him in the face with an unknown object. Police noted a laceration on Nathaniel’s lip.

Nashville woman attempts to incinerate vehicle at Robin Hood Tires

33-year-old Gabrielle Bailey was charged with aggravated assault, violating an order of protection, and bond forfeiture after throwing gasoline onto a man’s vehicle while in the parking lot of a North Nashville tire shop in an attempt to burn him.