Teen robs group of people at gunpoint for not buying marijuana

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18-year-old Caleb Ols was charged with aggravated robbery when he and another man robbed a group of people in a parking lot at gunpoint for not wanting to buy marijuana from them, per report.

On July 4th around 2 am, Eduardo Gonzalez said that he was in the parking lot of 4190 Nolensville Pike hanging out with friends when a vehicle pulled up and asked them if they wanted to buy some marijuana. They ignored the question, he stated, then the suspects parked and exited the vehicle to approach them and ask them again. One of the suspects was later identified as Caleb Ols.

Caleb Ols (MNPD)
Caleb Ols (MNPD)

After the victims responded with no, he reported that Ols and Dominic Smith pulled out handguns and pointed both at them. One of them told Gonzalez to “run his pockets” before he stole his wallet and the other one shot a round into the ground and fled. Gonzalez was able to identify both Ols and Smith later on in the investigation as the ones who robbed him at gunpoint.

On July 28th, Caleb Ols was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery. His bond was set at $85,000.

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