Man caught 5 months after attacking woman to steal her purse & use debit card the same day

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35-year-old Brandon “DatPart” Fuqua was charged with identity theft, robbery, and evading arrest after hitting a woman, robbing her, and using her debit card at an EZ Mart and Bordeaux Market.

On March 17th, Patti Tribble was robbed in the parking lot of Cosco located at 6670 Charlotte Pike at 10:27 in the morning while loading her car. A man, Brandon Fuqua, approached her and said, “give me your purse” before hitting her in the chest and stealing it when she fell and hit her head. A woman, Holly Casanova witnessed the man leave in a silver Chevrolet Malibu with damage to the front right side, which was confirmed by security footage.

Brandon Fuqua (MNPD)
Brandon Fuqua (MNPD)

Casanova could recall that the license plate started with 6U8 but only knew that the last three characters of the plate contained a 2 and Q. At 10:37 Tribble’s Suntrust check card was used at EZ Mart located at 2600 Clarksville Pike. Fuqua then used the card at Bordeaux Market located at 2141 Buena Vista Pike at 10:57 which was captured on the surveillance cameras to include confirmation of the full license plate number.

On September 17th, Metro Nashville police officers conducted a warrant service attempt at 2901 John A Merritt Boulevard. They witnessed Fuqua walking towards his vehicle but begin walking the opposite way when he noticed the officers. As they shouted a command to stop he started to run from the officers until became winded and gave up.

Brandon Fuqua was arrested and charged with two counts of identity theft, robbery, and evading arrest. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $72,500 bond.

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