Man jailed after girlfriend films assault, sustains broken arm from hammer attack

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47-year-old David Irvin was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after his girlfriend spoke with officers while in the hospital, telling them he had strangled her, hit her with a hammer and broke the iPad she was recording the assault on.

On January 16th, Metro Nashville Police were dispatched Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital to investigate a domestic incident. Shaneetria Oldham and David Irvin are lovers but do not live together. They were engaged in a verbal argument about their relationship at her home on Fain Street. The altercation escalated physically when Irvin grabbed her by the throat and strangled her for approximately five seconds. Oldham kicked a wooden leg out from a table, grabbed it, and smacked him in the head. This prompted Irvin to release her and run to the bathroom to inspect his wound while she locked herself in her bedroom.

David Irvin (MNPD)
David Irvin (MNPD)

He kicked the door in and noticed she was recording him so he grabbed her iPad and broke it by throwing it to the floor. In an attempt to protect herself Oldham brandished a hammer but Irvin snatched it from her and hit her in the arm twice with it. Oldham fell over and Irvin dragged her outside of the house and locked her out. Police observed scratches on her arms, left leg, and throat. The hospital staff also informed them that Oldham’s left arm was broken in two places and that she had extensive swelling to her breast.

David Irvin was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, strangulation, and with a deadly weapon as well as vandalism $1,000 or less. He is jailed in lieu of a $42,500 bond.

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