Man strangles girlfriend with an Adidas drawstring bag

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24-year-old Tommy Spurlock was charged with 2 counts of domestic assault and aggravated assault when his girlfriend told a detective he had abused her multiple times over the course of 2 months which caused her to fear for her life.

On October 16th, Amelia Mauck spoke with a detective at the Family Safety Center about her boyfriend, Tommy Spurlock, abusing her. She advised the detective that the first incident occurred on September 29th. She told police as she slept, her boyfriend came into their bedroom and fell on top of her after starting an argument. She stated when he fell on her chest and head he did not get off for over three minutes, and it became hard to breathe which caused her anguish. She also advised the police of two other times he attacked her in October.

Tommy Spurlock (MNPD)
Tommy Spurlock (MNPD)

On October 5th, Amelia Mauck stated she was sitting on her couch while she argued with Tommy Spurlock. During the argument, she told Spurlock she wanted to end the relationship. He proceeded to grab an Adidas drawstring bag and used the strings on it to strangle her. Mauck called for help and when Spurlock’s aunt rushed in, he released his grip. After she left the room he shoved Mauck into the couch and laid on top of her making it difficult to breathe. When asked for evidence of the attack, Mauck provided pictures of the bruises around her neck and on the left side of her chest.

On October 9th, Amelia Mauck and Tommy Spurlock were at 321 Drive, a car dealership located at 4000 Charlotte Pike. She reported to the police they were shopping for a vehicle and she had come to the conclusion she did not want to buy the one they were looking at. When she told her boyfriend, he threatened to strangle her in front of everyone. Mauck stated this made her fear for her life.

On October 17th, Tommy Spurlock was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault causing fear of bodily injury and aggravated assault with strangulation. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

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