Squatter charged after calling 911 over a dozen times in 5 days

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56-year-old Patricia Aboh was charged with nonemergency 911 call, trespassing, and vandalism after police discovered her in an unoccupied residence that does not belong to her. She is also known to misuse 911 emergency services.

On August 25th, 911 dispatch received a call from Patricia Aboh stating she needed police but hung up before more information could be obtained. Aboh is a known abuser of 911 services per the Emergency Communication Center (ECC). She has been arrested multiple times for misuse of these services, even calling in a bomb threat. Since August 20th, Aboh has made over a dozen calls to request police and fire resources but is not at the location when services arrive. She would call again giving a new location and is not at the changed location either.

Patricia Aboh (MNPD)
Patricia Aboh (MNPD)

On September 25th, Metro Nashville Officers observed Patricia Aboh spending the night in an unoccupied residence that does not belong to her. Per the affidavit, when the property manager arrived she was afraid for her safety because there were blankets on the windows and someone was clearly occupying the residence unlawfully. The inferred method of entry was the rear glass door observed to be shattered. The estimated value of all damages was $1,600.

Patricia Aboh was arrested and charged with aggravated nonemergency 911 call, aggravated criminal trespass, and vandalism. Her bond was set at $4,500.

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