Police say man was emotional and “conversing with a tree” prior to arrest by petty cop

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Goodlettsville Police charged 31-year-old Zackary Ryan Phillips with public intoxication after finding him “conversing with a tree” and “becoming very emotional” during said conversation. Phillips admitted to taking Suboxone earlier in the evening. Officer Herendeen then became petty, causing an $1,100 bond to become over $11,000 after he missed something during his search of the man who was unable to even remain conscious during interactions.

Goodlettsville Police Officer Austin Herendeen observed Zackary Ryan Phillips erratically walk across Long Hollow Pike early Wednesday morning, stating he was swaying and very unsteady which attracted his attention. He stopped in the parking lot at 243 Long Hollow Pike and was having a conversation with a tree when the officer made contact, according to an arrest warrant obtained by Scoop: Nashville. The warrant notes Phillips “zoned in and out of stages of consciousness and became very emotional” during the conversation with the tree, and made some erratic movements.

Police say Phillips admitted to using drugs and had currently taken Suboxone 16mg. The officer notes he could not in good conscience leave Phillips alone while he was unable to care for himself, so he took him into custody to charge him with public intoxication. Officer Herendeen searched Phillips and didn’t find the four 2mg Xanax pills in his shirt pocket. However, once the search professionals at DCSO conducted the search, the pills were located, and Officer Herendeen, now likely embarrassed for missing the pills during his own search, charged Phillips not only with drug possession but also a felony charge of purposely bringing drugs into a penal institution, increasing his bond by $10,000 for what would have otherwise been a pre-trial release, despite his own admission that Phillips was in no state to care for himself or have a lucid and meaningful conversation.

Zackary Ryan Phillips (MNPD)
Zackary Ryan Phillips (MNPD)

Zackary Ryan Phillips remains jailed on an $11,100 bond. ($100 public intox, $1,000 drug possession, $10,000 drugs in a penal institution – 4 of 2mg Xanax). Officer Austin Herendeen returned to the streets to fight more crime in the City of Goodlettsville. Officer Herendeen, the mighty crime fighter, has bounced from department to department across multiple jurisdictions and is so proud of his life’s work he has a ‘thin blue line’ wall painted in his home. His social media pages contain racist memes and posts, though he attempted to hide his profile by spelling his name backward, it was still linked to his wife’s profile.

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