Woman slashes man’s tires during child exchange

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37-year-old Robbie Foxx was recently booked on an outstanding vandalism warrant from 2019, charging her with slashing the tires of her baby daddy’s vehicle during the exchange of their child. The child told police they witnessed her slash the tires.

In a warrant from June of 2019, Jerome Corley states he and his wife, Robbie Foxx, were separated and living at different locations. He came to an agreed upon location where she was now living to drop of their shared child. A verbal argument was initiated by Foxx during the exchange, and as she walked away he reported hearing a ‘hiss’ sound coming from his driver’s side front tire.

Robbie Foxx (MNPD)
Robbie Foxx (MNPD)

Officers on the scene also discovered the front tire on the passenger’s side had also been punctured and was also leaking, though at a much slower rate. Robbie Foxx had fled the scene before officers arrived, however, the child identified her as the person who vandalized the tires. Although Corley didn’t want to prosecute, Officer Chase Harriman prosecuted on his behalf, due to the domestic relationship between the two parties.

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