Man sprays boyfriend with bear mace & rams his car with him inside #BearMaceBandit

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The #BearMaceBandit strikes again, this time police say he sprayed his boyfriend with the powerful irritant during an argument last August in the middle of the pandemic. Police say Masi Kingston, 29, used the spray that’s 3x the power of police issued spray and travels 35 feet, on his boyfriend before driving a vehicle into his boyfriend‘s vehicle, while he was inside it. Police found the victim with broken glass on his eye and nose, blood on his shirt, and drenched in milk, from an attempt to ease the pain of the bear mace.

Masi Kingston was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on a plethora of charges earlier this week, after serving time in a Texas jail. One of the more serious pair outstanding warrants he faced on his return was from an incident occurring in mid-August of last year. Police arrived at 945 Blank Street and met with Mandrekus North, who said his boyfriend, Masi Kingston, had attacked him on his return from Atlanta.

Masi Kingston (MNPD)
Masi Kingston (MNPD)

Records show that Kingston started a verbal argument about North’s return, then quickly escalated to spraying the victim with bear spray at 3:30 in the afternoon. It is also reported that in the two days prior, Kingston used a brick to break a total of four windows out of the victim’s residence. Kingston has been known to use bear mace in multiple other incidents in the past.

For this incident, Masi Kingston was charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and felony vandalism, and has a combined bond of $40,000. Kingston remains jailed on these and other charges including a capias warrant, felony vandalism, misdemeanor vandalism , assault, and two theft warrants, for a grand total of $53,000 in bond. An order of protection was granted at the time the warrants were filed.

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