20-year-old punches boyfriend in face, smashes phone, while out on bond for beating him up previously

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20-year-old Clarissa Blevins is charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, and violation of her bond conditions after the May 5th assault on the father of her child, during which he dropped their child with his new girlfriend in the vehicle, and she adulted by punching him in the face and smashing his phone. She was out on bond at the time of this incident for a prior assault when she ran him out of the house while beating him up, and smashed a cinder block through his windshield when he escaped to safety.

Metro Nashville Police were patrolling E. Webster St. just after 7 p.m. on May 5th when they noticed a woman slapping a man, so they stopped to investigate. The victim stated he was dropping off their child, and she began assaulting him when she realized his new girlfriend was also in the vehicle with him. She punched him in the face multiple times, and threw his phone to the ground, destroying it.

Clarissa Blevins (MNPD)
Clarissa Blevins (MNPD)

At the time of her arrest, Clarissa Blevins was free on bond for a January arrest, when she was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when police say she assaulted the same baby daddy as he was doing his daily visit with the child after work, and she suddenly began smacking and scratching his face and beat him until he ran out of the house to his vehicle. She followed him outside and upon realizing he locked the car door she took a cinderblock, and as he was driving away, she smashed it through his windshield.

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Clarissa Blevins is free on a $10,000 bond for the new charges and a $3,000 bond for the first set of charges. When contacted for a comment, Blevins simply said: “my bd lil gay bitch ass sent me to jail but won’t fight”, and “I hope ya mama die”. She has multiple upcoming court dates.

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