Father admits to raping 14-year-old daughter, texts her: “will you please keep this between us?”

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A family traveled from Alabama to Nashville so a young daughter could undergo brain surgery at Vanderbilt Friday. Today, the father, 32-year-old Travis Wade McGraw, is jailed in lieu of a $275,000 bond after admitting to raping his other daughter in the hotel room where the family was staying, while her grandfather slept in the other bed just feet away. While she hid in the bathroom and Snapchat messaged a friend in Alabama, who called 911 for her, he threatened to shoot her if she didn’t open the door. Police recovered texts where he asked her to “keep this between us”, a handgun, and her clothing with his fluids on them.

We’re including the full affidavit of this story below, you may view it in the images. There are graphic details of this crime included in the affidavit that are not included within the paragraphs of the story but will be in the affidavit image, in the interest of public records and full transparency of arrest warrants.

Metro Nashville Police responded to a call on May 8th that a 14-year-old juvenile victim had been raped by her father. She was in town with her mother, father, and maternal grandfather, from Alabama, as her younger sister was having brain surgery at Vanderbilt. According to court documents, presented below, one of the hotel rooms rented by the family was being used by the victim, her father, and her grandfather. She was sleeping in the bed with her father, and at around 4 a.m. she recounts feeling her 32-year-old father’s hand move to the front of her body and digitally penetrated her using his finger while she pretended to be asleep.

Travis McGraw (MNPD)
Travis McGraw (MNPD)

She remembers that her father was wearing boxers and a t-shirt, with his penis exposed. She says he then placed her hand on his penis, and he ejaculated, getting on her clothes. She ran and hid in the bathroom, using Snapchat to message her friend in Alabama, who called 911 for her. She detailed the entire encounter, and over 60 images of the conversation were retrieved by police as evidence. Her father, Travis McGraw, texted her while she was in the bathroom, some of which included: “com back to bed”, “I’m sorry”, “I’ll make it right”, “Come back in here before he starts asking questions”, and one admission that read “will you please keep this between us?”. When the texts didn’t convince her to leave the bathroom, she says he stood at the bathroom door and whispered “Open the door or I’m going to shoot you”.

In an interview with Travis McGraw, he first denied the allegations, but then admitted his daughter rarely ever lied, and if she said it happened, he did it. He also admitted to sending the texts recovered by police. Travis McGraw is charged with rape by force or coercion and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He remains jailed in lieu of a $275,000 bond. His other daughter’s surgery was completed without complications.

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    This sort of falls under the category of DITILLING…..

  2. Katie

    This man deserves the death penalty.

  3. Kaylea Quillen

    i’m so beyond thankful i could help her! , travis deserves to stay in there. he scarred my bestfriend for life! 💔

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