Upset over food, woman destroys picture frames, plants, & threatens parents; – she says it wasn’t her.

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Police say 35-year-old Aisha Williams became upset over food, coming into her parent’s home screaming & yelling, destroying a picture frame, grabbing a pair of scissors and threatening her mother, and destroying a potted plant. Aisha says it wasn’t her, and police arrested the wrong person, claiming the warrant was “for my neighbor with the same last name”, and says she was arrested because she doesn’t “get the white privilege”. Her parents say it was, without a doubt, their daughter, and she is currently off her medications.

Metro Nashville Police responded to Cumberland Hills Drive on April 30th, after the parents of Aisha Williams, 35, called 911 due to a domestic disturbance at the residence that involved a weapon. The father says he took one of his grandchildren out to eat in Madison and returned to his home just after 7 p.m., and Aisha pulled into the driveway moments behind him, with her other children in her vehicle.

Aisha Williams (MNPD)
Aisha Williams (MNPD)

She followed him inside, demanding to know why he didn’t buy food for her other children, that were in her vehicle, but were not with him at the time. Her parents recount that she went into their living room and destroyed a picture frame while yelling and screaming, then went into their bedroom and threatened to hurt her mother while balling up her fists, and tried to “run up on her”, according to court documents.

Aisha then displayed a pair of scissors in a threatening manner, and her father got between her and her mother attempting to separate them, causing Aisha to flee the scene, but not before destroying a potted plant on the way out. Her parents relayed that Aisha was bipolar and was not taking her medication.

A warrant was issued for her arrest, charging her with domestic assault with fear of bodily injury, and vandalism. She was booked into the Metro Nashville on the outstanding warrants on May 9th and later posted a $1,500 bond. Once she bailed out of jail, Aisha Williams took to social media to claim her innocence and make accusations the police arrested the wrong person, and she had been misidentified. She stated, “the whole time the original warrant was for my neighbor we got the same last name”…,

She continued “After I decided to let them take me to jail they came back to get her but she ain’t answer the door”. A few hours later, she posted “you neve heard o the wrong house get served a warrant… Oh my bad, I don’t get the white privilege.

She then publicly said that “I didn’t pay shit my bondsman came and got me no co-signer”. Aisha tells Scoop: Nashville the “charges have been dropped”, however, we have confirmed there are no plans in the works to drop the charges, and a full prosecution is expected.

Aisha Williams is scheduled to appear in court on October 12th.

Williams, AishaGS942187308 ANNA CT
Nashville, TN 37207
On Time Bail BondsVandalism $1,000 or less
Williams, AishaGS942186308 ANNA CT
Nashville, TN 37207
On Time Bail BondsAsl, Dom Fear Bod Inj

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