Upset over food, woman destroys picture frames, plants, & threatens parents; – she says it wasn’t her.

Police say 35-year-old Aisha Williams became upset over food, coming into her parent’s home screaming & yelling, destroying a picture frame, grabbing a pair of scissors and threatening her mother, and destroying a potted plant. Aisha says it wasn’t her, and police arrested the wrong person, claiming the warrant was “for my neighbor with the same last name”, and says she was arrested because she doesn’t “get the white privilege”. Her parents say it was, without a doubt, their daughter, and she is currently off her medications.

Woman tells fiance “trust me I’m going for the jugular” with knife in hand

36-year-old Renita Wade was charged with aggravated assault when she trapped her fiancé in their son’s bedroom with a pocket knife and said “trust me I’m going for the jugular.”