Man awakens to drunk woman in his Gulch apartment, petting his dog #arrested

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A Nashville man says he woke up around 3 a.m. Saturday after hearing someone in his Gulch apartment in downtown Nashville. Police arrived to discover a very intoxicated 21-year-old Cara Michaelson in the man’s home, petting his dog.

Police say they discovered Cara Michaelson at the Capitol View Apartments in the Gulch and determined she had tried to open several doors in the complex and found this one to be unlocked. She reportedly entered the man’s home and was petting his dog when he discovered her just after 3 a.m. Saturday. Court documents show she was completely unaware of her location, nor knew where she lived. Despite multiple attempts to assist her with finding someone to pick her up, or give her assistance in getting home, she was unable to provide any information. Given her state, she was taken into custody.

Cara Michaelson (MNPD)
Cara Michaelson (MNPD)

Cara K. Michaelson was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with public intoxication. She was released after the mandatory 8-hour hold for public intoxication arrests.

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5 Thoughts to “Man awakens to drunk woman in his Gulch apartment, petting his dog #arrested”

  1. DDDDDuane

    Finding her in your apartment is like hitting lotto….
    Seems like a fake story…
    At least the deushbag cops didn’t charge her with anything.

  2. Rick Freda

    He is lucky he didn’t have a girlfriend with him in the bedroom, he would have had a hard time explaining the hot blonde in the living room. I think I might leave my front door unlocked tonight.

  3. Thomas

    She can break in my place in pet my dog anytime she wants

  4. Fred

    I can’t believe the guy called the cops… I mean hell all she was doing was petting his dog.. he could’ve made her some mac-n-cheese or something to try and sober her up. Just enough for her to figure out who to call to come get her.

  5. Ziggy

    He should have just had his door locked and yes he should have called the cop because if he helped her she probably would have sober her up and she would have said he raped her

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