Krista Welsh locks herself in Night Court bathroom with boyfriend’s prescriptions

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45-year-old Krista Welsh locked herself into the bathroom at Night Court in downtown Nashville Sunday afternoon and refused to come out or open the door despite repeated requests by security and police. Eventually, Nashville Fire used a screwdriver to defeat the locked door and MNPD placed her into custody for disorderly conduct. During a search of her purse, officers found four pill bottles bearing the name of ‘Louis Fendley”, who she says is an “old friend” that left them in her purse. According to multiple social media accounts, the two are in a romantic relationship. The pills in the bottlers were Baclofen (a muscle relaxer), Bupropion, Clonidine, and Lisinopril. She was additionally charged with drug possession without a prescription.

Krista Welsh (MNPD)
Krista Welsh (MNPD)

Krista L Welsh was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on May 22nd, charged with disorderly conduct and legend drug possession without a prescription.

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One Thought to “Krista Welsh locks herself in Night Court bathroom with boyfriend’s prescriptions”

  1. Christopher Michael Frazier

    Somebody out there, PLEASE HELP HER!!!!! I been trying to keep this from happing happening ever since she went AMA from Mirror Lake, but the PTL Sanders from the City of Dickson Police Department wouldn’t listen. I just want the truth out there , so maybe they’ll at the least quit enabling h18 to 20 year. I hated to do it, but we had to evict her after the arrest, because she’s only done it about the same time every year. I have no idea how a Police Department don’t recognize a pattern, but they still do nothing about it. However, I still do love and care for her still after all 19 to 20 years that we’ve wasted.

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