Antioch: Komlanvi Houssounoukpe assaults wife, takes phone away when she calls 911

Metro Nashville 911 operators received a call on August 12th and heard a female, later identified as Maggie Rhodes, attempting to give an address in Antioch before a struggle ensued and she screamed “quit hitting me” as the line disconnected. Officers responded to the Antioch home, and she stated she had been arguing with her husband, 44-year-old Komlanvi Houssounoukpe, throughout the day, and he had punched her in the face several times. She explained he took her phone when she called 911, and he still had the phone in his possession when officers spoke to him. Officers documented several abrasions on the victim, including a swollen eye.

Regina Sullo kicked out of concert & charged with public intoxication in Nashville

36-year-old Regina Sullo was kicked out of a concert at Nissan Stadium on August 12th after APEX Security determined her to be too drunk and disorderly to abide by venue guidelines and she was causing a scene during the event. After she was escorted outside the stadium, she began to make her way back toward the entrance and attempted to re-enter the concert. She was stopped at the gate and denied re-admission, at which point she was taken into custody by Metro Nashville Police due to her level of intoxication. She reportedly reeked of alcohol, and her speech was slurred during interactions with officers. Sullo was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

Robert Strieter kicked out of multiple downtown Nashville bars Thursday night

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative Thursday night in downtown Nashville responded to the Mellow Mushroom on Broadway to find 33-year-old Robert Lee Strieter heavily intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Officers say he had been kicked out of several downtown bars throughout the night and was a danger and annoyance to himself and others. Strieter was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

DA Glenn Funk is prosecuting Tara Basham with felony burglary after $250 Walmart theft

Metro Police say 41-year-old Tara Michelle Basham entered the Walmart on Hamilton Church Road and filled a cart with items on which she replaced the original barcode with printed 0.67 cent barcodes. She then used the self-checkout to scan and pay based on the much 0.67 cents per item. The retail cost of the items would have been $256.82, according to AmandaSims with Walmart loss prevention. Loss prevention initially detained Basham and notified the police, but since they did not respond in a timely manner (it was over 2 hours before officers arrived after the initial call for police assistance), they had already released her when officers arrived. It was discovered that Basham had been banned from Walmart for life in May of 2020 and again in December of 2020, so the officer obtained a warrant for felony burglary. She was booked on that warrant this week.