Nashville Pilot Joel Boyers drunk at airport with a case of White Claws in tow — FlyNash y’all

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42-year-old pilot and flight instructor Joel Boyers, who is the co-owner of Helistar Aviation and, was jailed Saturday after he showed up at the airport in an extreme state of intoxication with a case of White Claws. Staff reported he was initially aggressive but had since calmed down, and they were unsure if he was on drugs or just alcohol. He yelled at customers, prompting the call to Airport Police. He became argumentative with officers while holding a can of White Claw in his hand. He agreed to arrange a ride home, but while he was waiting for transportation to arrive, he became disruptive with costumes once again and was taken into custody. We covered Boyers in 2019 when he caused a disruption in a bar when he got drunk and tipped $22,000 to servers in downtown Nashville.

Joel Boyers (MNPD)
Joel Boyers (MNPD)

Joel Boyers was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on February 5th, charged with public intoxication. A judicial commissioner set his bond at $100.

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  22. Joel Boyers

    In part I kind of owe it all to you.

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