Harrington Place Dining at Belmont scored 72 on health inspection

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Harrington Place Dining inside Belmont University scored a 72 on a health inspection on October 26th. The inspector’s report says employees were eating cherries on the line. The dish machine did not reach the required temperature to clean appropriately, so it cannot be used until it is repaired and re-inspected. Chicken and sausage were improperly stored in the cooler, and items labeled 9/28 and 9/26 were without expiration information on them. The inspector observed the chicken being prepped on 10/26 and dated for 10/27. A roach crawled on the counter, and ice cream cones were not adequately covered. In total, cherries, dented cans, sausage, chicken, and an unlabeled bottle with blue liquid were all embargoed during the visit, totaling five pounds.

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