Adam Gaskins realizes he’s being catfished by his girlfriend; wrestles to take phone

40-year-old Adam Gaskins was jailed Saturday after being ‘catfished’ by his girlfriend, Madison Raye Poradish. She reportedly was using her phone to secretly catfish Gaskins to test his loyalty when he realized it and became extremely upset. He admits to grabbing the phone from her in an attempt to see more about the catfishing. She jumped on him and the two wrestled over the phone. Officers charged him with attempted theft of the phone and transported him to booking.

Downtown employee Nicholas Shandik attempts vending machine heist from Kid Rock’s Bar

Metro Nashville Police say 30-year-old Nicholas Shandik, a well-known barback in the local service industry, along with an accomplice, attempted to steal a vending machine from Kid Rock’s bar at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday morning in May. Bar security confronted Shandick and his accomplice as they were on the elevator with the vending machine. The pair claimed the vending machine was being “taken for repairs,” which turned out not to be true. When they realized they were caught, they attempted to ambush two members of the security staff, charging up and attempting to push past them in an attempt to escape. As security detained them, Shandik struck one of the bouncers with an elbow strike and grabbed onto the other bouncer’s head. One of the bouncers was an off-duty officer. Citations were initially issued; however, Shandik failed to self-book and was taken into custody this week on all of the charges.