Mackensie Brown escapes custody at Nashville Jail after returning from court

22-year-old DCSO inmate Mackensie Brown slipped her handcuffs after returning from court on June 23 to the CDF on the Sheriff’s Southeast Campus. As she was standing outside the transportation vehicle, she ran away from the transport officers and up a hill toward the maintenance sheds, causing a large number of officers to follow in pursuit. She was taken back into custody and did not make it out of the campus perimeter according to the department. She now faces a felony escape charge with a new additional $50,000 bond and multiple internal violations.

2 charged with assaulting nurse while helping patient escape St. Thomas West hospital

Surveillance video captured Taylor A. Chandler, 28, punching a nurse while attempting to help a patient escape an involuntary psychiatric committal at St. Thomas West hospital. His charge partner is still at large.