DUI: Jacob Hudelston caught with handgun after crashing into rock wall on I-65 South

30-year-old Jacob Huddleston had a single-vehicle accident where he drove off the roadway and collided with a rock wall near Exit 74A on I-65 South in the early hours of April 14th. When officers arrived, Huddleston told them he was unsure which direction he was going or how he had gone off the road, but he believed he was driving onto the I-65 South entrance ramp from Old Hickory Boulevard. They noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked him if he had consumed any, to which he said no. He refused to take sobriety tests but allowed them to check his eyes, where they found indication of intoxication. Hudelston declined to provide a chemical sample and, under Miranda, told them he had three beers a little after midnight. During an inventory search, officers located a half-empty liquor bottle, a couple of beers in his vehicle, and a loaded handgun in one of the pockets of his backpack. When asked about the gun, he said, “Yes, I inherited it,” so it was seized. Huddleston was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, weapon possession while under the influence, and an open-container violation.