Booster Lundyia Woods jailed after being identified by an accomplice

21-year-old Lundyia Woods was jailed this week, just three days after one of her accomplices, Jalyn Miller, identified her as being involved in their theft from a Bed Bath & Beyond store, in which they each stole a $100 comforter set. The third accomplice, Alexis Flemmings, has not yet been arrested.

Booster Jalyn Miller identifies her two accomplices in theft from Bed Bath & Beyond

21-year-old Jalyn Brenae Miller was jailed this week on multiple outstanding warrants for theft from Bed Bath & Beyond. Miller was one of three boosters who each stole a comforter set from the Madison Store in October. During an interview, police say Miller positively identified her two accomplices, Lundyia Woods and Alexis Flemmings. A second warrant alleges that the week after the first theft, Miller came back into the store and stole $700 worth of merchandise.

Teen hits grandmother with car during argument

18-year-old Jalyn Miller was charged with aggravated assault after she hit her grandmother with a vehicle in an attempt to leave during an argument.