Kelexis Batson charged after jumping her cousin at Nashville gas station

Metro Nashville Police say 19-year-old Kelexis Batson, along with several other women, showed up at a North Nashville gas station where her cousin, Taylor Conyers, was pumping gas. As the women exited their vehicle, Conyers was fearful and locked herself inside her vehicle. Batson and Conyers had an ongoing dispute about “some words said about Batson’s daughter,” according to police. Video from the store shows Batson then jumped on the hood of the victim’s vehicle while yelling and screaming while the other women surrounded it. Conyers eventually exited the vehicle, and the two fought. Officers arrived and took Batson into custody, charging her with domestic assault.

Kelexis Batson spits on boyfriend, slaps him, vandalizes his tires — upset over messages to another woman

19-year-old Kelexis Batson is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She admitted to slapping her boyfriend, Robert McWilliams, after seeing messages between him and another woman. In addition to the slaps, she spat on him and vandalized the tires on his vehicle.