Joshua Johnson was not a winner at Losers Bar in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Joshua Johnson was jailed on Wednesday morning after attempting to fight security guards at Losers bar on 4th Avenue South in downtown Nashville. When officers arrived, security told police that Johnson was asked to leave several times, but he refused and tried to fight them as they escorted him off the property. At this time, security detained Johnson, noting he smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, and had red, watery eyes. Due to the safety of others, Johnson was taken into custody.

Adam Stanley bounced from Losers Bar & Grill, but couldn’t stay away

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative Saturday night responded to Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville for an altercation between bar staff and 44-year-old Adam L Stanley. Stanley was trespassed from the location and went about his night. A half-hour later, Stanley returned to the location and attempted to enter, despite just being trespassed and told not to return. He was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass.

Downtown Bouncer Brandon Chapman fell asleep in hotel kitchen — assaults security who woke him

Downtown Nashville bouncer 30-year-old Brandon Chapman, or as he describes himself, a “professional adult chaperone,” was inexplicably found sleeping it off in the kitchen of the Omni Hotel at 3:14 a.m. on Friday, June 29th. Security attempted to wake him up and when he eventually realized where he was at told them he would leave when he was ready. He reportedly then became combative and lunged at the victim, Andrew Delobel, several times and grabbed his jacked, throwing him to the ground. The victim suffered minor injuries from the assault. Chapman was issued a citation and failed to self-book on the assault charge. A bench warrant was then issued for this arrest, and he was taken into custody early Tuesday morning.

Randy Gonzales charged in assault after refusing to leave Losers Bar at closing time on Division St

Metro Nashville Police responded to Losers Bar & Grill on Division Street early Sunday morning after security reported that 22-year-old Randy Gonzales refused to leave at closing time. Bouncer Brandon Chapman stated Gonzales began arguing with him, which escalated to the man charging at him with his body and attempting to strike him. Several other patrons and staff witnessed the incident and Chapman prosecuted Gonzalez for the assault.

Renaud Rafael was not a winner at Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville

Security at Losers Bar & Grill in downtown Nashville had 30-year-old Renaud Rafael in custody when Metro Police arrived this week. Rafael had reportedly attempted to assault a member of the staff. Officers observed him to be highly intoxicated and deemed him to be unable to care for himself. He was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.