DUI: Rebecca Oravec found sleeping behind the wheel after drinking 3 Bud Lights #StillWasted

50-year-old Rebecca Sue Oravec was found sleeping behind the wheel of her car in the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Publix Parking Garage in the early hours of May 19th. This incident is Oravec’s second DUI conviction, with her first being in 2022. When officers arrived, they approached and noticed Oravec’s keys were in the ignition. Officers also noticed that she had an open Bud Light beer can in the cup holder before knocking on the window and waking her up. Oravec rolled down the windows to speak with officers, which is when they noticed she reeked of alcohol. This prompted officers to ask her to perform sobriety tests, which she consented to. Oravec could not complete the one-leg stand or walk-and-turn tests, telling officers, “I can’t keep my balance; I am going to fall over!” Officers were then permitted to search her vehicle, where she told them, “There should be three cans.” Under Miranda, Oravec admitted to drinking the three Bud Lights and then agreed to provide a blood sample. Officers then discovered her prior DUI conviction from 2022. Oravec was transported to Nashville General Hospital and was taken into custody for driving under the influence-2nd offense.

#DUI: Rebecca Oravec found with 9 empty White Claws, 1 still cold to the touch #WhiteClawWasted

48-year-old Rebecca Oravec was involved in a non-injury crash on March 2nd, and police report her reeking of alcohol with pinpoint pupils, and slurred speech. She told responding officers she needed to be admitted to a rehab facility, stating she was an alcoholic. She admitted to consuming “a couple” of drinks. Inside the vehicle, officers located 9 open and empty cans of White Claw, and one unopened can which was still cold to the touch.