Raymond Arena jailed for public intoxication after being kicked out of Robert’s Western World

61-year-old Raymond Arena was jailed on Saturday after police were flagged down by security at Robert’s Western World on Broadway. Officers told police that Arena had been kicked out of the establishment for playing with the drums. He was visibly agitated, argumentative, and yelling. He admitted to drinking beers and stated he was “tipsy.” Arena became upset that the officers weren’t giving him water or allowing him to sober up. He told officers that he also hit some shelves and was singing into the microphone but didn’t believe that was cause to get kicked out. Due to the fact that Arena wouldn’t calm down officers believed he would continue his behavior and was taken into custody.

Logan Holmes kicked out of Robert’s Western World for drunken behavior

22-year-old Logan Holmes was bounced from Robert’s Western World after security says he punched a metal stanchion into the sidewalk in a fit of rage. Holmes was hostile and belligerent with both security and responding Entertainment District Unit officers. Due to his level of intoxication, he was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

VIDEO: Tourist David Robbins charged in assault at Robert’s Western World

40-year-old David Allen Robbins has been identified as the man who became aggressive and argumentative at Robert’s Western World in September. The venue posted a video of the assault on social media. The video shows Robbins assaulting Sean Preece in the face using his elbow. Robbins traveled from North Carolina to Nashville this weekend and was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail on the outstanding warrant charging him with felony aggravated assault.