Trey Mccorkle attempts to assault brother, accidentally punches sister

21-year-old Trey Mccorckle had a domestic disturbance with his twin brother, Tyzek Mccorckle, and his sister, Kailynn Mccorckle, at her apartment on Lady Nashville Drive in the later hours of January 29th. Tyzek advised the authorities that Trey and Kailynn argued after he had been drinking heavily throughout the night. When he tried to intervene between them, Trey swung at him. Tyzek ducked, causing Trey to punch Kailynn’s jaw accidentally, so he pushed him away from her to create space between them. Then, Trey smacked him, leaving a minor laceration on his cheek. Kailynn confirmed Tyzek’s statement about the incident. Officers then spoke to Trey, who advised that he had argued with Kailynn but denied physical interaction and said he was unaware of how Tyzek sustained his injury.  Officers observed multiple broken glasses and disarray within the apartment, which were never explained. Officers deemed Trey to be the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Heather Guzman pushes husband through glass door & leaves him there; claims he did it to himself

Nathan Burkitt says after a night of heavy drinking he was in a 4 a.m. argument with his wife, 30-year-old Heather Guzman, and as the argument continued to escalate to a loud and aggressive state, he suggested that his wife leave the house so they could each have their personal space and rest. He says Heather then pushed him backward through a glass door, shattering it, and left him lying on the back deck, injured and bleeding. When police arrived and interviewed Heather, she claimed he must have been mad at a video game and head-butted the door, which didn’t match any of his injuries. She was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.